Your digital signature directly in the browser - also integrable in your business application

With doXisign sign your documents online securely and in compliance with the GDPR.

Three easy steps

Step1 - doxisign

In your document:
click the signature field

Step2 - doxisign

Choose the method of simple or certified digital signature

Step3 - doxisign

Save and go: Your signed document ready to download

Signature options

doXisign_image usecase Signature

1. With digital handwritten signature

Sign on the touch screen or with the mouse.

doXisign_image usecase Signature

2. Through a text entry

Type your name in the desired font and style.

doXisign_image usecase Signature

3. Through a QR code

Scan the QR code and sign from your mobile phone.

doXisign_image usecase Signature

4. Uploading an image

Upload your signature in PNG or JPG format and resize it.

doXisign_image usecase Signature

5. With a digital certificate

Upload a certificate and verify with your code.

Streamlines procedures

Get your signature in a few clicks from your browser, no installation required.

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Save costs

Sign from your browser without the need to send or print documents.

Quick and easy management

CIB doXisign is intuitive and easy to use. Your signature ready in just a few clicks!

Integrate CIB doXisign into your applications!

Add digital signatures to your standard applications with CIB doXiview, our versatile document viewer.

Choose the signature options that best suit your needs:

Do you need to integrate digital signatures Processes?

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