The free cloud for your smartphone - scan documents, upload them, share them securely and much more!

CIB doXisafe is also available for the browser!

Upload documents, share them, keep them safe!

vorteil kostenlos

Completely free

100% offline capable

Unlimited data available

Unlimited storage space

Functions that make life easier

Powerful PDF compression

Reduce documents by a multiple of the original size

PDF Encryption

With compliance with the highest safety standards

Full text search

Enter a search term and find the document quickly - regardless of the file type!

OCR text recognition without internet

The app automatically recognises the text and makes them searchable, even with photos!


Secure and practical data transfer with the CIB doXisafe Multi-Cloud


Volunteer to help our AI train with text recognition

QR-Code scanner

Scanning QR codes and calling

Document viewer

View all formats with the Viewer

PDF Appendix & Annotations

Create attachments, edit annotations

Data exchange safer than safe!

Without Bluetooth, WLAN or infrared. Data exchange with OWC (Optical Wireless Communication)

Join/Split PDFs

Merge or separate PDF pages

Edit PDF documents

Digitally sign, delete pages, rotate, merge, annotate and much more

Correct OCR results

Extract text and make corrections

Edge detection

Cleanly recognize document edge

Multiple Image Filter

Use filters to enhance images and PDFs: crop, brighten, edit colours

Discover the CIB doXisafe app SDK

Extend your own app with scanning and document processing with SDK integration

The app can do all this - and much more!


Scanning like the pros with CIB doXibox

The CIB doXibox is a tripod that becomes a scanner together with your smartphone or tablet. It is suitable for travelling, space-saving and foldable!

Usecase light shadow filter

Transform your smartphone into a real scanner with light & shadow.

Apply the Light and Shadow filter to your scans. Shadows and reflections are automatically removed. Document backgrounds become white again and text becomes sharper.

Usecase Google Drive

Multi-Cloud Service: CIB doXisafe cloud and Google Drive

Upload your scans directly to Google Drive! Simply connect your Google account with CIB doXisafe.

usecase find docs

Find the right documents quickly

Search not only in the file name but also in the content of all your documents. Find what you are looking for with just a few taps!

use case owc

OWC - Sharing documents without internet, Bluetooth or NFC - it's possible!

Use Optical Wireless Communication to transmit your documents without the risk of a man-in-the-middle attack. Without Bluetooth, WLAN, radio or infrared.

The perfect combination:
CIB doXisafe and the scanner boxes

Generate optimal scans with the scanner boxes, import them into CIB doXisafe and access the documents at any time..