Ensure the quality and consistency of your documents with the help of intelligent templates

Integrated document management empowers organizations to centrally create and efficiently manage high-quality documents

With CIB coSys you create high-quality and diverse documents from dynamic templates to manage and communicate individually and highly efficiently.

Geprüfte barrierefreiheit 2020 certificate

coSys as certified barrier-free software in use at the Bavarian state capital Munich

CIB coSys was successfully certified by the Pfennigparade Foundation in accordance with the Barrier-Free Information Technology Ordinance (BITV 2.0).

The most common use cases and all functions involved were tested by a blind person from the foundation. The functionalities, some of which were tested with a screen reader, included creating documents from dynamic templates, handling static templates, using the help pages, logging into coSys and navigating with keyboard commands.

Create individual correspondence from templates with coSys!

Efficient communication processes

File numbers, logos and more? Create individual and complex correspondence in high quality. Standardized processes reduce costs and effort.

Personalized communication

Address your customers in a targeted manner. Improve your communication and increase customer satisfaction with individual and automatically generated correspondence.

Control and security

Depending on the correspondence, document release workflows can be activated and graphics inserted. This allows you to maintain an overview and increase security and quality.

Omnichannel communication

Customers and business partners are contacted via the desired communication channel, whether printed or digital.

Working independently

CIB coSys can be used from anywhere: Of course also in the home office and field service. Do away with expensive, additional software at the workplace!

Efficient template management

Create and maintain legally compliant templates without programming knowledge. Changes to the template inventory can be tracked at any time.

Full integration

CIB coSys can be easily integrated into your existing architecture. The connection is made via standardized web services.

All output formats centrally controlled

Whether barrier-free or archivable PDF documents - you decide on the format when creating the document.


Documents from dynamic templates


Users at LHM


Template savings

8,8 von 10

Quality of the migration results

Template management with CIB coSys

Accesible use certificate

Effective output management

Omnichannel communication

Browser use without installation

Legal security in document management

Separation of design and text

Searches, reports and protocols

Temporary archiving of drafts

Integration into existing IT infrastructures

Migration counselling and support

Audit-proof template management

Generation of accessible documents without specialized knowledge

Your advantages with CIB coSys

Consistent management processes

The efficient workflow reduces manual entries and thus increases the satisfaction of your employees, who now have more time for other tasks.

Consistent competent performance

All documents reflect your current corporate identity. Outdated and local copies with incorrect data are avoided.

Caching drafts

With CIB coSys you can pick up exactly where you left off! This saves time and brings more flexibility.

Search mask for all needs

Quickly find the template you need - thanks to the integrated revision protection in coSys, you always get the latest version.

Legal certainty for your company

Automatable archiving and legally binding text passages ensure security. Changes only by authorized persons.

Facilitating work

Generate and send letters fully automatically, from 1-page to serial letters. More time is left for more important tasks.

The right output channel for every business partner



Accessible PDF


The coSys formula: Dynamic template + data = individual document

dynamischen Vorlagen

A dynamic template in CIB coSys:

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